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"any text goes if you put three kisses"    😘😘😘
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it’s so rude when people say things like ‘they’re fucking’ ‘they’re definitely fucking each other’ like why do you have to say it like that????? why can’t you just say ‘they’re involved’ or ‘there’s something something going on between them’???? like whether it’s true or not you sound incredibly rude an so very disrespectful saying shit like that

Anonymous : do you know eve and alex's birth year??

i’m not sure about Eve but i think Alex was born in 1987

Anonymous : do you know if sam went to that festival thing with lou, tom, lux, val and the others?

i don’t think she did

Anonymous : what does silvers mum do for work?

makes baby clothes apparently.

i’m not sure if that’s what Emi does like officially or if it’s just a fun think she does on the side…but as far as i’m aware, that’s what she does. i think she used be a stylist…but now she’s got a vintage baby brand.

Holly an Nick named their baby Dusty but everytime time anyone says Dusty i think about Anne’s cat…

hi please don’t reblog these:


they’re my edits, an the one of them from is craft is my photo as well i took it on my phone from my copy of the book

please don’t reblog reposts. reblog from the original source. [x/x/x]

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