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mollie_sophie: My faves. Everyone go buy this - The craft - #thecraft

mollie_sophie: Beauty girlies

Anonymous : Do u know which stores will the craft be in ?? From USA

i know they have it at barnes & noble

idk anywhere else

Anonymous : Well, you're really pretty, and your not annoying at all I think your funny, like Harry funny and your really nice and sweet from what I see on your blog and you don't let anyone tell you different :)x

oh god you’re so nice you’ve made my night xxxx

Anonymous : As in you. lol

shut up that’s so nice i love you omg

ahem, may i ask why??? i’m really quite annoying…

Anonymous : I think that you and Harry would be cute together, honestly. Like I'm for real.

me as in me or me as in Sam Teasdale?

Anonymous : whatre youre thoughts on white people having dreads/wearing bindis/headdresses???






As a white person, my opinion doesn’t carry much weight for this question. But cultural appropriation generally seems to offend the ethnicities these things belong to, and so I, personally, would not wear them. Deadlocks, bindis, and headdresses are not fashion statements- they have meaning.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you there.

In regards to dreadlocks, the whole “you can’t wear them because they were originally religious” is complete bullshit because:

1.) Celtic and Greek culture had dreadlocks


2.) It’s meaning then is irrelevant, since it has now become a way to wear your hair and it’s religious or cultural context is no longer present.

Even if that were the case, though, blacks would be just as guilty of “cultural appropriation” as whites, since I can guarantee you most of the people wearing dreads, whether they’re black or white, are not doing so in regards to religion.

In regard to bindis, however, I think you should talk to cosmicallycosmopolitan about that since her family practices Hinduism and she’s from India herself, but I can tell you now that she doesn’t think that cultural appropriation either.

She’s said on multiple occasions that even her mom, who is relatively conservative in her religion, loves to see people wearing Bindis, whether they’re Hindu or not.

She can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve seen her talk about this many times.

I dont think one person gets whole lot of say whether something is cultural appropriation or not. Sure, your friend may love it when she sees people of other cultures wearing bindis, but there’s a shit ton of people who are offended by it. 

That’s not even remotely what I was saying, and I hate it when people use this argument. Person 1: WEARING DREADS IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION! Person 2 (from a culture with dreads): Um, no, it’s not. It’s a hairstyle. Person 1: ok well u don’t speak for everyone because others get offended. Since when does people getting offended mean that something is generally offensive? As someone has said before: “I’m offended”=/=something is offensive I only made reference to her because since
it’s her goddamned culture, so if anyone would know anything about it, it would be her. She’s made thorough and extensive posts on why it isn’t cultural appropriation, it’s not like she just said “it isn’t because I said so.” Again, people getting offended means nothing unless it’s justified. This isn’t justified. Every reason I’ve seen is either outdated, petty, or irrelevant to the issue at hand.

Oh my god. The people who are trying to speak about bindis..their names are “Natalie” and “Hazel”

I love how people that know absolutely jack shit about Indian traditions try to speak over people from that tradition. I love how you guys automatically side with those that exclude you because of your overwhelming white guilt. 

Trust me, no one out of tumblr cares about this. Tumblr was the first time I ever heard of the concept of cultural appropriation.